June 6, 2016

Next morning, we went on a short 20-minute hike. The temperature was chilly and the air was fresh due to the high elevation of this area. We passed by a huge area of farm that grows corn predominantly. When we arrived at the top of a hill, we saw the breathtaking view of The Sleeping Woman and Popocatépetl or Smoking Mountain in English. The Smoking Mountain is a living volcano; while the The Sleeping Woman, as the name indicates, is a sleeping volcano that looks like a woman. There was a romantic folk story between these two mountains which the Smoking Mountain was a warrior and the Sleeping Woman was the warrior’s romance.

We were lucky that the day was clear and we were able to have a clear view of these mountains and the spectacular scenery that surrounds them.



Panoramic view of San Francisco Cuapa with “Smoking Mountain” and “The Sleeping Woman”


Panoramic view of the corn field

After we have enjoyed the view, we hiked back to the residence with breakfast was already prepared by Rico’s aunt, Relia, for us in the kitchen. As a hot chocolate lover, I was pleased to be able to enjoy Atole, which is a hot beverage made of grounded corn and chocolate, with the entre, chicken soup.



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